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Shadydale Taking Shape

With only just a few weeks into the construction phase of the project we have the framing complete, roof is dried in and we are now moving on to windows and mechanicals. Although we are right on schedule with this renovation, no project goes without a few hiccups. Whether we are working with clients on a small bathroom job or taking a home down to the studs there always seem to be unavoidable problems along the way. What we have learned on this job so far is that when permitting a job where we are only using a few existing exterior walls the city will consider this a new construction project versus a remodel. For those looking to do this type of job down the road, make sure you have this figured out early. Remodel permits for jobs this size are much more costly than a new construction permit. If at all possible try and get a new construction permit issued to save you a couple of grand. Small issue avoided and we are on our way. We are still on schedule for a mid-May/early June completion.



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